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About Us

Buffet 101 is one of the premiere & pioneering luxury buffet restaurant in the country which was first launched on November, 2011 along Seaside Boulevard SM by the Bay in Pasay City.   We used the buffet system that offers all-you-can-eat dishes where the diners generally serve themselves. And also can directly view the food, immediately select which dish and how much they wish to consume. 

Buffet usually have some hot and cold dishes as well as finger buffet; an array of foods that are designed to be small and easily consumed by hand alone such as cupcakes, pizza, food on cocktail sticks, etc.

It was a huge success which makes us one of the very first luxury buffet restaurant aside from what the hotels can offer.  We became the spearhead leader in the industry and allowed us to expand more branches including Robinsons Magnolia at Quezon City, Glorietta 2 at Makati City and Cebu Branch.

The Buffet 101 phenomenon continues as we are expanding towards the South Luzon this time to our newest branch at Alabang Town Center, Alabang Muntinlupa City.  This again will truly setus apart from all the other restaurants & buffet in the city with its Five Star Hotel atmosphere.  One will definitely have a luxurious dining experience with the elegant interior, enchanting sophisticated chandeliers and high class marble flooring.  And can also feel the comfort when you sit down on our hand crafted couches, leatherette chairs paired up with the elegant table and dinner wares.


The carving station where all meats are served is one of the “sought-after” stations. You can find their Prime Ribs which has sweet hickory barbecue sauce. Roast beef for meat-lovers, Lamb Steak, Chicken Steak and Pork Chop as well, that guests will surely enjoy.


As the Largest Buffet Table in the Philippines, Buffet 101 serves wide arrays of international cuisines. This includes the following: Western, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Filipino Cuisines. To name some, they serve tempura, salmon sashimi, live suahe, pork tonkatsu, prime ribs & roast beef, pork belly, grilled seafood and crab with salt & pepper as the most in-demand one. One of the in-demand Chinese dishes is the White pepper crab or salt and pepper crab. They also have sisig, kare-kare, chicken inasal and palabok as one of the signature Filipino dishes. Grilled seafood is also present, and delivered to your table by the staffs after once cooked.

Without extensive dessert station, a place couldn’t be called as buffet. Buffet101 lives up to that. Wide selection of cake, cookies, jellies, and “kakanin”. Also they have this breathtaking fountain oozing with chocolates. You also have on hand is the flavorful ice creams with different selections. Not to miss is the halo-halo making.  End it with your own selection of unlimited drinks that varies from juices to sodas.


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