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Privilege Card



  • Food Lovers Club card (FLC Card) will be is available at Buffet101 branches, Yakimix branches, La Fiesta, Tenka Hotpot, and Kingone

  • FLC Cards are sold for P880 pesos per card.

  • FLC Card holders can avail 15% Discount for cash basis for branches mentioned below:

                    * Buffet 101 branches
                    * Yakimix branches
                    * La Fiesta
                    * Tenka Hotpot
                    * Kingone

  • UNLIMITED number of pax can avail the discount per single receipt/transaction.

  • FLC card is valid on Special/Legal holidays.

  • Promo can’t be used in-conjunction with any in-house existing promotion. Mandated 20% off for Senior citizen may either avail, whichever is higher.

  • Expiration of FLC card is 1 year from the date of purchased.

  • Expired FLC cards are not acceptable. 

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